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While most web development and design companies are hesitant to put their prices online, we aren't. Anyone and everyone can use this simple calculator to get a ballpark estimate based upon our actual hourly rates!

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Average Quoted Hourly Rates

Student/Offshore : $15 - $30/hour
Freelancer/Company: $25 - $75
Expert Consultant: $50 - $250
Professional Firm: $75 - $200

Average Quote / Estimate Cost Guide

Logo Design:
$100 - $250+ (Student or Offshore)
$250 - $1000+ (Professional Designer)

Basic Brochure Website:
$500 - $1000+ (Student / Offshore)
$1500 - $5000+ (Professional Designer)

E-Commerce Website:
$1000 - $5,000+ (Outsourced Offshore)
$2000 - $10,000+ (Experienced Developer)

Custom Database / Interactive Website:
$1500 - $15,000+ (Offshore)
$2500 - $25,000+ (Experienced Developer)

I have an existing web site.
I need a basic blog site.
I need a basic, off the shelf, template-based site set up
I need a completely custom site.
Site Layout Design
I do not need any graphics designed.
I have all my graphics but they need to be integrated.
I have a template but it needs minor customization.
I have a template but it needs with major customization.
I would like a custom design created for my site.
Other Graphic Features
I need some custom graphics made.
I need graphic mouse-over buttons.
I need to integrate stock photographs.
I need logo branding services.

I need a flash menu.
I need a short custom Flash animation
I want my site in Flash a total of pages
I need a Flash banner
I will add my content with a content manager
Using this content manager:
I will supply pages by electronic media
I need pages of copywriting
Public Features
Member Registration
Discussion Forums
Auction Interface
RSS News Feeds
Custom Contact Form
Links Page
Site Search
Email Auto-responders
File Uploads
Google Adsense Integration
Admin Features
Off the shelf site Blog
Custom Site Blog
Brozra Custom Content Manager
Off the shelf Content Manager
Photo Gallery
Member Administration
Database Reports
Google Analytics Integration

Simple shopping cart
Database shopping cart
Credit Card Processing
PayPal Processing

Search Engine Optimization
MetaTag Keyword Optimization
Search Engine Submission
Minor Link Building
Major Link Building
Press Release Submission
Press Release Writing