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Order a New Domain Name

September 3, 2015     0 comments

To order a new domain registration, visit our order page and select "Domain Names" (if it isn't already selected).

Under the "Domain Registration" section, enter the name of the domain you would like to register and select the domain extension (.com, .net, etc) you would like to have.  There are over 300 extensions available so if the extension you want is not available, simply select another to see if it is.

Once you have entered your domain name and selected your extension, click on "Search Domain".  It may take a few seconds for the results to appear as it is searching through hundreds of extensions.

If the domain you wanted isn't available, there will be some recommendations with alternate domain extensions.  The same recommendations will also be shown even if the domain you want is available.

On the same line of the domain name that you want to register, select the amount of years you would like to register the domain name for and then click "Add To Cart".

Optionally, you can elect to add "Domain Privacy Services" to your domain order.  Domain Privacy Services is a service we offer to protect your personal information by using our business information on your WHOIS database entry.

Use the "Add To Cart" options next to any other domains you would like to register.  If you are registering a domain name for a company, it's best to select as many extensions as possible to protect your brand name.

Click "Continue" on any of the domain names you have added to finish the checkout process.

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