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People Say They Cannot Access My Website or Send Me Emails

April 24, 2017     0 comments

Sometimes people outside of the United States may say that they can't access your website or send you email.  This is intentional because we block virtually all foreign traffic (incoming and outgoing) on our servers with a software firewall.

We block all traffic from all countries with the following exceptions:

  • United States

  • Great Britain

  • Canada

Why Do You Do This?
A majority of the attacks on our server come from foreign IP addresses.  This allows us to make the servers more secure because the list of IP addresses coming from commonly used VPN (Virtual Private Network) services is a small number, relatively speaking.  There are many VPN services out there that offer anonymous Internet access which is why we often see multiple attacks against one particular account or service from many countries at approximately the same time.  This is primarily because the attacker (a person or a bot) is changing their VPN IP address on a rotational basis until they crack / hack / break whatever it is they are trying to get to.

What if an attacker gets an IP address from a permitted country?
Although it is extremely easy to obtain an IP address for virtually any country, those IP addresses are usually limited to VPN services or exit nodes which, again, makes it easier for us to maintain a block list that won't overwhelm our server.  Once one exit node is blocked then it prevents other attackers from coming from that exit node.

I need someone outside the US to view / use my website.  How can I give them access?
If you have someone that isn't in a country that we allow to access our servers and you need them to be able to access your website, send emails or sign into an account (email, ftp, webdisk, etc.) then you will need to open a support ticket and send us the exact IP address from where they intend to access our server.

IP address allowance is not guaranteed and we reserve the right to not allow traffic from any IP address if we deem it to be from a dangerous location.

Why do people hack & attack servers?
Most hackers attempt to hack accounts and servers for financial gain by stealing your personally identifying information to obtain access to your financial accounts or steal your identity. 

Others do it for fun or to prove to others they are smarter than the administrators running the servers. 

Others do it to make a political or personally-motivated statement against a company or organization. 

Others see it as a game from which there are no repercussions.

Others (e.g. WikiLeaks) do it to expose information to the world that normally wouldn't be available to an average person.

Whichever the case may be, it is a huge annoyance for system and network administrators and has become a game of cat and mouse to keep would-be hackers out of our servers and your accounts.

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