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How To Use Your cPanel Account

Access Your cPanel Email Through Webmail

October 30, 2015     0 comments

All e-mail accounts setup through your cPanel hosting account can be accessed through your respective server's webmail page.  Webmail is secured and is available 24 / 7 through your website browser which makes it easy to access because no software needs to be configured and comes with just as many options as any software that you might install on your computer, phone or tablet.

To access webmail you can do one of the following:

Sign in with your e-mail address and password.

Select Roundcube to view / manage / send emails.
Currently, we only offer Roundcube as the webmail interface tool to send / receive / manage your e-mails.

To change your password, set a filter, set a forwarder or setup an autoresponder click on the blue button with your e-mail address in it at the top of the screen to the left of the "Logout" button and a menu will appear showing you the options you have available for your e-mail account.

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