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How To Use Your cPanel Account

How to Create a New E-mail Address

October 30, 2015     0 comments

Setting up a new e-mail account in your cPanel hosting account is a very simple process and you can be up and sending / receiving e-mails in no time with your custom domain e-mail.

1.  Sign into your cPanel hosting account by visiting one of the following:

2. Find the "Email" section and click on "Accounts".

3. The next page is broken down into two sections.  The top section is for adding accounts and the bottom section is for managing existing accounts.

4. Enter the name you wish to have for your new e-mail account in the first box.  Don't include the @ sign or the domain name in this box.  That is handled in the second section.

5. Select the domain name or subdomain you wish to setup the e-mail account on.

6. Enter a password or use the "Password Generator" to setup a password for this e-mail account.

7. Set a quota or choose unlimited for the mailbox quota.

8. Click on "Create Account".

If you followed the steps above correctly, your new e-mail address has been setup and is ready to use!

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