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How To Use Your cPanel Account

How to Update Your cPanel Account Password

September 3, 2015     0 comments

Follow these steps to update your cPanel hosting account password:

1. Sign into your Brozra Client Center account.
2. Click on "Products" and then "Products List" on the menu.
3. Click on the link of your hosting account package. This will typically be listed as Economy|Deluxe|Premium followed by the primary domain name associated with your hosting account.
4. In the light blue box to the left, click on "Click To Change" next to password.
5. Enter the password you would like to have.

Password requirements:
cPanel strength requirements of 80 / 100

Typically, this means a password of 10 characters (or more) with at least one (or more) lower case letters, one (or more) upper case letters, one (or more) numbers and one (or more) special characters.

Having issues or can't update your password?  Submit a support ticket here.

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